About Trisent Ltd

Trisent was established in May 2016 to develop a contextual services platform based on today’s mobile and wearable technologies. One of the core principals for the company is using technology to simplify and enhance our lifestyles. Too often technology actually gets in the way and what ought to be a benefit turns into an added complexity. Your personal data is scattered across multiple application databases with a variety of user interfaces and simply keeping track of your personal data is becoming extremely difficult. Our aim to make this simple and automatic and help you get your life into context.

Trisent’s core technology is called the Personal Context Management System (PCMS). In essence it is a single database that keeps all of your personal data together in a secure way. The data is organised such that it is easily searchable and can support multiple applications. Think of this as your own personal Internet that can support a host of services of your choosing.

Trisent founder, Dr Gordon Povey, is a pioneer of mobile contextual services and created the concept of a ‘self writing diary’ more than a decade ago. The first working prototype was created in 2006 on Symbian smartphones and it was proven to be technically feasible. Back then very few of us had smartphones and the data networks were expensive and unreliable, so no commercial app was developed. A lot has changed in a decade and the first application to be based on the PCMS technology will be Codi, your self writing diary. 


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