The new data economy

It is claimed that data is the new oil. The top tier of the world’s most valuable companies are being built on this new economy. In another Economist article the problem of a market place for data is highlighted. New regulations are recognising the rights of...

Orla Beta Programme – phase one update

We are nearing the end of phase one of the Orla Beta Programme. We have so far release only the fully self-writing component of the diary that notes where you have been (Places) and how you got there (Journeys). This is a fully automated framework for a diary that can...

So, who writes a diary?

I have been surprised at the number of people who have said they attempted to keep a diary in the past only to give up, I know that I did. It seems that over half of the people I talked to said they had kept a diary, but often not for very long.

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