Many of us have tried to write a diary at some point in our lives and those that have kept one will have reaped the benefit, often in unexpected ways. But, the reality is that most of us don’t have time to write a daily diary and so Trisent has created:

Codi your self writing diary

Codi creates your personal diary by automatically generating written descriptions of what you have been doing throughout the day. This includes places you visited with photos, local news and weather. You can see all of the journeys you made including how you travelled, how fast you travelled and how long it took. You can also annotate the diary with any additional information you may wish to include.

Codi will help you get your life into context. As well as having the pleasure of reading your diary and being reminded of past events, Codi can help you to zoom in or out of any aspect of your lifestyle. For example you can check your life-work balance by seeing how long you spend at home compared to at work. How much time do you spend commuting, and has this changed over the past year? How active are you, how far do you walk or run? See trends and measure changes you make to your lifestyle.

The name Codi derives from Contextual Diary. Codi lets you see the bigger picture to get your life into context.

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