Do you want to

benefit from your own

personal data?

It is your personal data, but few of us gain personal benefits from it. Trisent’s technology allows you to:

  • Claim it 

  • Secure it

  • Benefit from it

Our simple app automatically and continuously collects the personal data you want to keep, we encrypt it to make sure only you can see it, and we provide a simple user interface allowing you to view your digital life and gain personal and actionable insights.

Claim it  Trisent has developed and tested personal data consolidation allowing you to automatically and continuously gather your personal data from many sources, and with the introduction of GDPR it will soon support historical data that is reclaimed from companies like Google and Facebook.

Secure it  Trisent has created a personal data store where consolidated data is organised into a single contextual timeline. We are working with leading cybersecurity and blockchain experts to ensure this data is 100% secure and only accessible to you.   

Benefit from it  Of course, there is little point in you owning your own data unless you can gain personal benefits from it. We have developed the personal data browser that allows you to view your personal data in new ways and gain actionable insights into how you live your life.

In prototype trials our users reported regularly looking at their digital life, often daily. They used the information to reflect, make changes, understand their behaviour, and even complete tasks using the information as an accurate single-source aide memoire.

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