A ‘must-have’ tool

Trisent’s 1-timeline provides a way to automatically consolidate your rich digital-self onto a single personal timeline.

As individuals we generate a lot of data, and give a lot away. We regularly look back at our calendars, photos, emails, activity trackers, social media etc., but other areas of our digital life are captured for the exclusive benefit of others. 1-timeline brings all of these digital channels into a single, easy-to-navigate service, and provides a new richer insightful perspective into our digital-self.

Users browse and search their private 1-timeline via an intuitive app that provides both a daily view and a continuous timeline of their digital-self.  

Multiple Benefits

A prototype of Trisent’s 1-timeline was trialled with users that reported a variety of benefits from the consolidation of their digital channels such as:

  • An aide memoire – events, places, times, activities can be recalled in detail 
  • Memories of events/family/changes – personal things
  • Tradesmen tracking customer visits for more efficient invoicing
  • Commuters analysing jouneys and even able to tell how often their bus was late
  • Readymade holiday albums that tell a more detailed story than photos alone, including journeys, the weather and information about places visited

It was seen to be interesting, some said surprising, and of course useful to see integrated data and the different view of life it provided compared to the current view of seeing multiple individual channels (and not all of them).

Current benefits are based on self-observation and additional benefits will be delivered from statistics and trends. In the future your client-side personal data can also be used to personalise services using digital assistants.

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