2.7 billion smartphone users.

4 billion Internet users.

Huge volumes of personal data.

How do you manage it?

Your personal devices generate vast amounts of rich personal data. It is your data, but others are using it for their benefit. Followg the successful testing of Trisent’s data consolidation technology during the Orla diary project, we are now developing the Personal Data Browser to allow you to benefit directly from this data. Some have suggested we are “Dropbox for your personal data” but we are more than that – we automatically collect the personal data you want to keep, and we make it secure and accessible through a private browser.

State-of-the-art cryptographic techniques and blockchain technology are used to ensure your data is both safe and resilient. The Personal Data Browser will be available to download later this year and we are working with world leading academics to enhance the private digital agents and deliver further benefits from your data in the future.

In the short video below, Prof Bill Buchanan OBE, one of our Advisory Board members, talks about data, privacy, trust and Trisent.

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