Time to rethink online advertising

To Facebook and Google, you are not their customer – you are the product. Advertisers pay for access to you, and the more that is known about you, the higher the value you are as a product. This may seem unfair, but perhaps it is our own fault because we want internet services to be ‘free’ and it all needs to be paid for somehow. But this will change.

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GDPR for the consumer

In a previous blog, I talked about our concerns regarding data privacy and security. I mentioned new legislation coming soon which will address a lot of these concerns. So, what is this legislation and what does it mean for us and the security of our data? General...

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Blockchain for beginners

This is a beginners guide to blockchain, written by a beginner.. Blockchain has quickly become a hot topic on social media and TV and it’s a big focus point here in the Trisent office too. I am the office manager and I know my way around a spreadsheet, but when it...

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