Avoiding the Filter Bubble

For those not familiar with the ‘Filter Bubble’, the term was coined by Internet activist Eli Pariser around 2010 and refers to a state of intellectual isolation resulting from personalisation applied to the delivery of web content. The suggestion is that users become...

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Scotland Means Business: Trisent

THE recent allegations that Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook users’ information has made people more aware of the power and misuse of data. This is something Gordon Povey has been concerned about for years. His business, Trisent, aims to make data useful to the individual by putting it in one place and encrypting it.

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Blockchain explained in 2 minutes

Following her popular blog post Blockchain for Beginners. We gave Joanne, the Trisent Office Manager (a non-techy) the challenge to explain the blockchain in a video lasting no longer than two minutes, and we think she has done a great job.

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