Luke Harte to join Trisent as COO

Luke Harte to join Trisent as COO

We are very pleased to announce that Luke Harte has agreed to join Trisent as Chief Operations Officer.

Here are a few of the press clippings and also the full press release text is below:

Full Press Release

SCOTTISH tech start-up, Trisent, which has been developing a product to help people protect and control their personal data, has appointed Luke Harte as its chief operations officer.

He previously founded and ran technology start-up Onyu, which focused on personal information security. Use of personal data by global companies is now top of the news agenda but Trisent and Onyu have been working on protection of personal data for some time.

Luke said: “The way our information has been held has always been vulnerable and never controlled by the owner. This is only starting to become common knowledge via social media issues and, of course, GDPR.

“Trisent’s ‘Dropbox’ for personal data allows the user to consolidate and take control of their personal information. There is clearly a growing need for this, but what I really like about Trisent’s approach is that they have put user trust and security at the core of their product.”

Luke started Onyu with co-founder Stuart Beattie in 2013 and created an app allowing individuals to securely store and share personal information with their contacts.

Gordon Povey, Trisent, founder and CEO, said: “I have known Luke for a number of years, initially through his work at Onyu, and he has also worked with us on a couple of projects.

“He has a great technology and entrepreneurial background, shares in our values around data privacy, he also understands our technology and the market challenges. So, to have him join our team is brilliant news and will add strength to the company.”


Scotland Means Business: Trisent

Scotland Means Business: Trisent

Scotland Means Business: Trisent

Business feature by Emer O’Toole in today’s National newspaper.

THE recent allegations that Cambridge Analytica harvested Facebook users’ information has made people more aware of the power and misuse of data. This is something Gordon Povey has been concerned about for years. His business, Trisent, aims to make data useful to the individual by putting it in one place and encrypting it.

“Disruptive Companies like ours will change the old data model.”

Read the complete news story here.

Gordon Povey: Business Man of the Year Award

Gordon Povey: Business Man of the Year Award

Trisent CEO, Gordon Povey, has been selected as a finalist for the Business Man of the Year category of the Scottish SME Business Awards 2018.

Gordon Povey Feb18 Trisent CEODr Gordon Povey, Trisent CEO and founder, has been nominated and shortlisted for the Business Man of the Year category at the Scottish SME Business Awards 2018.

Speaking of the award shortlist, Gordon Povey, said: “Thanks are due to the entire Trisent team including my Advisory Board. I am really grateful to all of our supporters, the nomination and selection as a finalist was a total surprise and has shown that it is not just our own team that believe in our vision, there are many other people out there following us.”

Trisent was established in 2016 and has developed the Personal Data Browser based on a technology that can automatically gather your personal data form many sources, consolidate this into a single contextual timeline, and allow your digital-self to be queried, searched and analysed. The company is also researching new ways for your private data to deliver other personal benefits.

The Scottish SME Business Awards 2018 will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow on 28th March. 2018. The awards attracted thousands of nominations from the public, who recognised the achievements of Scottish business professionals and enterprises.